About the company

Eigenpost Enterprise Corporation was established on June 2017 as General Trading company of consumer goods. The company is composed of innovative and dynamic individuals with the objective to introduce and develop products for the ever-changing market need. We are handling three brands with different types of goods. Eigenpost (EEC) offers the most affordable flooring in the industry such as Carpet Tiles also known as Carpet squares, Carpet Roll, Laminated Wood Planks, SPC Planks and Vinyl Planks.

One of the best products and in demand flooring is the Carpet Tiles, they can be installed over many floor types, including timber and concrete. In addition, we also market under the brand of Eigenpost (EEC) is one of our best seller Gaming Chair and Office Chair, we are one of the suppliers who offers the cheapest price with this we also offer Shower Set, Bathroom Accessories and Basin Set that is often used at home. We have Wireless Power bank that can be used in your travels that easy to carry.

MOUSSY clothing brand produced trendy clothes that is made with high quality material and it has sizes from extra small to triple XL some are for plus size/big size which is most wanted now a days.